our story.

SJH Design is a creative studio specializing in print and web design. Susie and Jay have been collaborating since 1999. Look below to see how it all began...

SJH Design began in a teeny Pittsburgh apartment. Two designers. One computer shared at a desk by the window.
Each day while we worked, a squirrel with a fluffy tail perched on the windowsill. We joked from time to time, “If we ever have our own studio, maybe we should call it ‘Grey Squirrel Design’.”
We took any design project we could find, eager to pile up experience. Between deadlines, we created our wedding invitations and sent out thousands of resumes.
Demand for our print and web designs grew. Seasons passed. Our family grew.
Almost 20 years later, SJH Design is going strong, in a vibrant studio with the latest technology and an ever lasting love of design. And a grey squirrel still runs by our studio window, a daily reminder of what hasn’t changed: we are small, but we have big ideas.
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