2017 Family House Polo event //  SJH has been part of the Polo event since 2004. While working closely with Family House — we create the overall concept and design for the event. Within just a few months, the design is customized for the invitation package, program, ads, signage, postcards, billboard, and digital graphics.
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SETpoint Website //  Early this fall we completed the SETpoint website. This mobile-friendly site was built to strengthen the brand of this new organization, while providing information about empowerment-based self-defense, how to schedule a session, and an easy way to donate online. The site has been created to grow with the organization.
Charleroi School District Display  //  The superintendent of Charleroi School District was looking for a way to display the rich and vibrant history of the district — which began in the 1800's. While working with a few veteran teachers from Charleroi — we were able to obtain old photos and dates reaching back to the very first school. SJH photographed the current campus for the upper portion. The multi-level, die-cut display is over 10 feet in length and is hung in the community room of the high school.
Bethel Bakery  //  This delicious local bakery was in need of some updated brochures that highlighted their brand and easily showcased their seasonal baked goods, pricing and ordering procedures. We created a family look and feel that was able to expand depending on the seasonal needs.
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